How long does it take to draw an artwork?
Depending on our schedule, it usually takes about 3 – 4 business days to complete an artwork while storyboards may take a little longer.

How will I know you are on track with the portrait?
We always make a rule of updating a client at the end of each workday on the progress of the artwork we're working on. Depending on the contact details we’ve been given, this will either be via email or text message. We would, however, prefer email to be the main method of communication.

What payment service do you use?
While we would prefer to use direct bank transfer, we do accept payment through PayPal.

Do you cater for international clients?

What subjects don't you do?
While we are willing to accommodate your media needs, we must stipulate that we will refuse any subject that includes nudity, pornography or subjects considered to be taboo.